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Hello, look at me and shift your gaze down

Please to meet you, so love me forever and how

Come around 'bout five, we'll watch the stars cry

You're a thief, and Im a liar

Hopeless times in a world of fire


Why do you always?

Hold on 'til we lose control

Why do you always?

Through shattered dreams we break the mold

Why do you always?

The priceless things have all been sold.

Cuz life is a rule you just can't break on a whim

And time is a tool, you can't rewind it but still

So why do you always?


Come here, we'll live this, we'll waste this

Here they come, let's slip out back on the terrace

Hold my hand, but what does it count for?

Memories on a quick release

I know I should, I wish I could


Off the edge

Come and save me

Worlds apart

Don't come near me

Off the edge

Seconds gone

Worlds apart

We can't ever

Move on, wasted goals, we'll never let go

Build me up and break me down