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July 2003-Sept. 2003
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9/29/03 - Since I last posted, Boss Tweeter has taken its first step into a larger world.  We played our first gig with Rick on the 27th to a very positive response.  The show was also the release of our new CD "Brainwashed and Bootlegged."  We sold a few copies of that CD and earned a decent bit of cash from the Blue Moon Tavern as well.  In the next couple of weeks, the mighty BT will be working to record a new demo complete with drums and will also attempt to write some new material for our show at Riley's Cafe on October 10th.  Keep up the rock folks.

9/15/03 - Since our last entry much has happened for the good of the band.  Although our new practice room was quite expensive, at least we have one now.  So without too much luck we should be ready for our gig on the 27th.  At long last "Brainwashed and Bootlegged," our new album of new acoustic tunes and live recordings is finished and ready to be purchased by our loyal fans for $3.  But if that wasn't cheap enough, we'll give you a whole dollar off if you buy(or have already bought) our demo.  Well, those two bits of news were enough to prompt this entry, but I'll keep you all posted of any upcoming excitement.

 9/9/03 - Fuck the Motherfuckers.....and now on to another episode of:  "Boss Tweeter the badass rock band."  Due to a variety of bitchy folks, we got kicked out of our practice space today without a refund.  It looks as if "the man" (also known as the corporate boss of our storage facility) didn't like the fact that a loud rock band practicing in his facility(even though we were OK'ed to do so).  It was against policy........So we cleared out of our nifty practice room and paid a bunch more hard earned cash to play at a rehearsal studio down town.  The practice turned out great once we got to it, but now the search for another practice room begins.  On a more positive note, there is alot of new material in the works and our next collection of tunes titled "Brainwashed and Bootlegged" will be released soon.  Keep the rock alive until next time folks.......

9/4/03 - We start this entry with Boss Tweeter's second run-in with the local authorities.  It went something like this:
Police Man: We got a complaint and you guys are going to have to turn it down.
Tyler: But was it good?
Anyway, the Renton police were much nicer to us than the Lake City cops so the incident was more amusing than anything.  Other than that bit of news, we've been practicing up for our gig on the 27th and have finished all but two of the tracks on our upcoming CD.  That's all for now, so until next time....

8/25/03 -  Here goes the biggest news we've had so far as a band:  We have a drummer, a very rocking drummer by the name of Rickey Cook.  We've already got our first gig with him next month, so see the tour section for more on that.  In other news, the new Boss Tweeter *limited edition* acoustic album is also in the final recording stages.  Well, things have been busy and we can only hope that they will soon be busier.  Until next time....

8/14/03 - There's not all too much to report this week, but Boss Tweeter continues to roll along.  We've started to record the "studio tracks" for our upcoming new/live/unreleased CD.  From the looks of it, the CD will have 10 songs (three newer songs, an acoustic version of an old favorite, and six live tracks).  The powers of Boss T will be trying out a drummer this weekend as well so I'll keep you up to date on that as well.  Keep rocking on folks.

8/4/03 - Over the weekend the almighty "Boss T" played another show of mellow goodness and kick your ass acoustic rock.  Hopefully you got a chance to check it out.  Fear not if you missed it, however, because the gigs will be fairly frequent.'s the show rundown:
The Good:
  • Three sets of music, good exposure, free food. 
  • We sold some CDs and people put money in our guitar case.
  • Graham made us a T-shirt design that said, "Boss Tweeter wants your soul."  Of course this design was complete with a dragon, flames, and a skeleton.

The Bad:

  • Not being able to face our audience for our first two sets because of how the building was set up.
  • Having to turn the rock down constantly for the sake of "customers" and "employees."
  • A dumb fuck police officer who felt he needed to interrupt our third set and exert his authority over us.

There ya go!  Don't you just feel like you were just at the show?  Actually, the "Bad" parts were minor and the "Good" parts were major so it was a very successful show.  Keep rocking on folks.


7/28/03 - We played another show last night, this time at Alfy's Pizza.  The venue was pretty sweet and the acoustics of the room weren't bad either.  Twenty-six people showed up and we got another decent recording of the show as well.  I'll get a few of the songs from the show on our soundclick site soon so you can hear a bit of our live material if you so desire.

               It looks like we've got at least one more gig in the near future at the epicenter of all things cool: Cranium Cafe.  That should be a rad afternoon of rocking goodness.  Check the tour section for more on that.  The search for a drummer and bassist is getting into full swing as well so hopefully soon I'll have more info on that.  Keep rocking on folks and thanks for coming to our first two gigs.



7/27/03 - Well, well....prepare to be updated and actioned.  The first full length Boss Tweeter show happened yesterday.  The folks who were present seemed to have a pretty good time, and I know that despite some obvious nerves I had quite a good time as well.  We recorded the whole set, and I've had some time to listen back to it and find places to improve both the musicianship and the quality.  The surprising thing was that the recordings were quite high quality, and hopefully we will be able to use them on upcoming singles/EP's/etc. 
             I think now I am going to get some sleep because tomorrow looks to be busy for the band.  We've got a gig to confirm, a practice to have, and a show to perform so I'd best get some sleep in these early morning hours.  Keep rocking most excellent Boss Tweeter fans.
By the way, soon you will be able to purchase your own Boss Tweeter T shirt with the logo "Boss Tweeter....kicking more ass than Sonic Death Monkey"

7/23/03 - Today we had our final practice before our B-day party gig on Friday. A bit of set list finalizing was done and we played through our set with minimal problems and no feedback(an issue we'd been having with my new acoustic amp). We threw another cover song into the mix (this time the featured band is "Jane's Addiction") and also this new instrumental number known as "Johnny Cash vs. Boss Tweeter."  All in all it looks like the band has a decent acoustic set lasting a bit over an hour and consisting of fifteen songs.  Not bad for four months work...but hey, I'm biased.  Keep rocking on folks.