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10/02/06 - New shows in the Tour section

09/09/06 - New pics in band member galleries.  New shows are posted in Tour and lots o' new pics are in the Tour History.  Check out our Myspace for new tunes.

07/15/06 - New shows posted in Tour.  New pics in Tour History.

06/14/06 - There is nothing new on this website today....but there will be soon.

05/14/06 - Added lyrics to our new tune "Bleach my Bones" here

05/12/06 - "I was the Motive" is now available on iTunes

05/07/06 - Updated the Band, Tour, Gear, and Store sections.  Go forth and find the tasty updates!

03/10/05 - Updated Discography...more coming soon....just wait.

02/20/06 - Tour History has been updated(here and here) with our two most recent shows

02/05/06 - Our website is up and running again!  Check out a new review of "I was the Motive" in our Reviews section.  More updates coming soon.

01/06/05 - The flyer for our upcoming show on the 20th is available here.  Download it and paper the town if you feel inspired to do so.

12/25/05 - Merry Christmas!  The Tour History has pics from our recent Lyons Den Show.  News tidbits (and the unwrapping of our holiday gift) can be found in Update Action.

11/17/05 - Look in the Tour History for a bevy of new photographs from our recent Bellingham show.  Also, recently unearthed photos from BT's first two shows have been added to the History as well (many more early live photos will be added so stay tuned).

11/09/05 - Updated the Tour section with info for this weekend's Bellingham extraveganza

11/01/05 - New show listings are in Tour and a news blurb has been posted in Update Action.  Also, check the new Radio Requet page for info on where Tweeter is being broadcast over the airwaves!

10/13/05 - The Tour section has info on the upcoming Battle of the Bands.  Please come out and support Tweeter rock!

09/25/05 - Added pics from our Chop Suey show..updated "Band" pages as well.  More news updates are available at our Myspace page

09/23/05 - A new track "Beneath the Shockwave" is now available for download on our Myspace page.

09/06/05 - Just wanted to let you know that if you wanted to do a small part for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, all proceeds from Boss T records on CD BABY are currently being donated to the Red Cross.

08/28/05 - Check the Store for info on retailers carrying "I was the Motive."  Also, updated the Tour History and made a few updates in the Gear section.

08/17/05 - More shows have been added in Tour

08/12/05 - Pics from our recent Paradox show are here.  Also, the band member photo galleries have been updated (here, here, and here).  Check Tour as well for more upcoming shows.

07/22/05 - Pics from our CD release are here.  Don't forget, Boss T at the EMP tonight!

07/15/05 - Lots of new photos are here, here and here.

07/07/05 - Check out Tour for a chance to score free tickets to our show on the 12th

06/24/05 - Check Tour for more chances to see Boss Tweeter live this summer!  More news is available in Update Action.  The Tour History has been updated as well.

06/17/05 - "I was the Motive" has been released!

6/08/05 - CD release show details are in Tour (You can download the flyer as well)  More to come soon....