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Boss Tweeter Fan Stories Contest
Ever wanted to share your Boss Tweeter story with the world?  Ever had your teeth knocked out in the Boss Tweeter pit?  Ever been spit on by the lead singer?  Well, however gruesome your story may be, you can now use it to win free Boss Tweeter stuff.  Just email us a paragraph or two about your Boss Tweeter show experience.  If we publish it on our site you will receive one of the following prizes* of your choice:
A: Free ticket to a Boss Tweeter show of your choice
B: Free copy of our "I was the Motive EP"
C: Love and adoration from everyone around you for your writing skills
D: Hugs and kisses from beautiful women (or men, whichever is your flavor)
E: Tyler's Soul
*Prizes C and D are not real prizes because you are a Boss Tweeter fan and therefore already get the love and adoration of everyone around you...naturally you are surrounded by beautiful people as well.  Prize E actually doesn't exist, but if it did I think we would have already given it away for something more useful than your story.