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Brainwashed and Bootlegged
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1. Candid Portraits of...
2. Untitled
3. Johnny Cash vs. Boss Tweeter
4. Pedigree(acoustic)
   * Live Collection*
5. Blast off, Get off!
6. Land of Forgotten Sun
7. Lives
8. Intermission
9. La la love you
10. Zen Brain
Running time: 35:29
This collection was put together for the fans that came to our first acoustic shows.  At that time, alot of interest was being shown in a couple of newer songs "Candid Portraits of..." and "Untitled."  We wanted to make a record that reflected the acoustic side of the band exclusively, and the interest in our new material was a perfect excuse.  In addition to the new tunes, we added six of the best live cuts from our shows, including a few covers that have since been retired from the band's set.  As a cool bonus feature, we added a limited edition # to each copy of the CD.  There are less than fifteen known copies of this record.