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A slight drawl in my speech

A light fog in my brain, drifting in and through

Snake its way through my veins

A soft smile that reminds and softens all the lines


Eyelids close

The lack of consciousness brings a ring to my ears

The power blinks out

Heaters crawl to a stop letting the winter in


The sedatives are latent

The melatonin waiting

This mortal coil we're shaking

I'm shaking closer to you

So shudder with me my dear

Hold the candle bright dear

I'm constrained and I'm resigned dear

I'm waking closer to you


A Freudian slip

These stale words between my tongue and my lips

Intervention cries out

The synapses are slowing, pleasantly giving out


A dysfunctional mentality

Redefines function endlessly

A dysfunctional mortality

Redefines function fatally